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Monarch 1153 System

Key Benefits

  • Display all your important information with 3 lines of print and 36 positions
  • Loads of room for product, date and inventory information
  • Generous print size for prices
  • Clear, highly legible print-eliminates customer confusion and clerical errors

Monarch 1158 System

Key Benefits

  • Track inventory, billings and more
  • Meets tracking needs with 3 lines for information versatility
  • Prints 2-layer peel-off "piggyback" labels
  • Top layer is peeled off and could be used with an inventory book or record-keeping form.
Monarch 1173 System

Key Benefits

  • Great for inventory and date control
  • Large capacity-27 characters on small, economical labels
  • Gives you flexibility - prints SKU, PLU, color code and more
  • Fast operation-just click and stick

One-year warranty on all labelers for your assurance of high quality and long lasting performance.

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