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Monarch 1135® System

Key Benefits

  • Capable of printing "was/now" price comparison
  • Save time changing labels with 1,700 labels per roll
  • Eliminate cleanups, messy fingers - easy snap-in/pop-out ink roller
  • Easy, fast trouble-shooting - open "total view" access inside
  • Covered label holder to keep labels clean
Monarch 1136® System

Key Benefits

  • Make labeling simple, fast and hassle-free
  • Prints in 16 positions on two lines of print
  • Date and time printing capability
  • Increase your productivity, experience and at least 75% TIME SAVINGS changing label rolls and ink rollers
  • Neat and clean snap-in/pop-out ink roller
  • Covered label holder to keep labels clean
  • Reduce downtime; large rolls of labels mean fewer changes
  • Extensively drop tested to ensure durability
  • Fast troubleshooting with an "open view" to the inside
  • Design is based on customer feedback - all you needs met in one labeler
  • Clean look, better legibility with bright white labels
Monarch 1115® System

Key Benefits

  • Provides important print options such as comparison pricing (show customers their savings), SKU code, shelf date and more
  • Improved productivity, fast click and stick operation
  • Multi-purpose marking tool, does it all, does it fast
  • Easy portability
  • A variety of labels including OUTDOOR™ labels which hold up in extreme conditions, print remains legible
  • Solves faded print/readability problems for nurseries and other outdoor businesses
Monarch 1155® System

Key Benefits

  • Enjoy easy to read labels - large print on 2 lines
  • Not just a pricer-prints vital day to day info such as SKU, date, vendor code and more
  • Easy squeeze trigger
  • Built for dependability, lasts years and years
  • Fast, easy loading of labels

One-year warranty on all labelers for your assurance of high quality and long lasting performance.

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